• If there are multiple applications the landlord will start the process with the applicant who has the earliest move-in date.
• The landlord will start reviewing applications the first business day after the due date/time of applications.



1) Initial vetting. In the initial process, the landlord will confirm employment, past rental history, and contact all references.

2) . All household members above the age of 18 must also apply as an additional household member. Landlord will send invites to applicants(s) for tenant screening reports through TransUnion Smart Move. There are fees associated with Transunion Smart Move that must be paid and that are NONREFUNDABLE regardless of whether applicant is approved for the rental or not.

To learn more about how TransUnion Smart Move works, visit their website:

At this time, the applicant(s) must pay TransUnion Smart Move directly for background and credit reports. (NOTE: In some cases, the landlord may require background and credit reports be performed first)  TransUnion Smart Move will suggest Approval or Deny. ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

Once approved, tenant must complete and sign the lease agreement, deliver the required deposit and rent to the landlord, and agreed on the amount of rent due within 48 HOURS. Keys will NOT be released until deposit and rent due has cleared.




Social Security or Tax-ID Number
• Upon acceptable application, verification and approval from TransUnion Smart Move, Each adult applicant must provide evidence of a valid Social Security or Tax ID Number and matching photo ID.

Employment and Income
• Applicants must have a combined verifiable monthly income from a local employer equal to or greater than three times the monthly rental rate.
• Any non-employment and/or passive income must be guaranteed for the term of the lease by the government agency or payer.
• Unverifiable income will not be considered

Rental History
• Applicants must have a history of satisfactory rent payments and occupancy with all previous landlords.
• Applicants must have given sufficient notice-to-vacate at their last address.
• Judgments and evictions from any previous landlord are considered bad credit.

Credit Report
• All applicants require good credit to be approved.
• Credit scores above 650 are considered good credit.
• Scores between 500-650 are considered questionable credit.
• All scores below 500 are considered bad credit.


Questionable and bad credit scores are not automatically turned down and may still be considered depending on the applicant’s overall file. Landlords/Owners look at each applicant(s) on an individual basis and understand people have hardships. Therefore they will not have firm answers on your situation until the full process has been completed. If an applicant(s) has questionable or bad credit lease negotiations may require an additional one month deposit or additional rent.

Criminal History

Applicants may be denied for any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance within the last 7 years, however, applicants with other felony convictions will be vetted on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the offense(s), the facts surrounding the convictions(s), how long ago the offense(s) occurred, and whether applicant has had a clean record for a period of time.



The rental listing will specify on each property if pets are permitted. If pets are permitted, there will be a $250 non-refundable pet fee per pet and an additional $20 per month per pet added to the lease rate. If you have a dog, you must make sure your renter’s insurance policy ensures coverage for that breed of dog. Additionally, if the landlord’s homeowner’s insurance policy does not presently insure for that breed of dog, you may have additional expenses to cover the Landlord’s increased insurance premium.

We CAN NOT answer specific questions about your breed at a given property until you first apply.


Household Pet: Residents with household pets complete an online application, or Pet Profile, with the details of their pet and attest that the information is accurate at PetScreening then calculates the housing-related risk for each household pet and pet owner, and provides us a FIDO Score that will help us make more informed pet acceptance decisions and adjust our pet-related fees to cover our risk. – $20 charge first pet, $15 each additional pet. (current 3rd party charge as of 3.21.2020)

Assistance Animal: Residents with assistance animals submit reasonable accommodation requests through PetScreening’s HIPAA complaint servers. The requests go through a comprehensive legal review process that adheres to HUD and FHA guidelines and PetScreening’s legal review team provides us their determination when the review is complete. – NO CHARGE (current 3rd party charge as of 3.21.2020)

No Pet/Animal: Residents without pets/animals complete a brief online questionnaire to formally acknowledge that unauthorized pets are not allowed on the premises. – NO CHARGE (current 3rd party charge as of 3.21.2020)

Please notify us if you have an Assistance Animal (registered service animal or emotional support animal) as they will also require Petscreening.


Rental Payments:

Each Landlord/Owner will notify you how rents/deposits need to be paid.

Additional Policy:

In order to keep congruent any tenancy that begins after the first of the month will be ending on the last day of the same month the following year if it is a yearly lease.

Example: Tenancy begins June 5, 2020. Tenancy will end June 30, 2021 at 5pm.


GW Estates and Homes IS NOT the Landlord or Property Manager and solely represents the Landlord/Owner. GW Estates and Homes markets for the Landlord/Owner and gathers applications for the rental property. GW Estates and Homes does not collect rents or deposits and as a tenant, you will deal directly with the Landlord/Owner of the property.

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